10k/30k/50k/100k Trail Race

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Race Course 

The Swamp Trail Race course is 6.2 mile loop that is flowing, single track with lots of short steep climbs.  
10k + runners will run 1 loop. 30k + runners will run 3 loops. 50k + runners will run 5 loops and 100k + runners will run 10 loops. 

It is being held in WINTER, so cold temperatures are to be expected, so come prepared as you will be running at night.

The start line is at the Graham Swamp Trail head located at 5135 Colbert Lane ​Palm Coast FL 32137. 

Race course video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1CcHIT7fXE

Parking will be allowed on race day in trail head parking lot, along fence and overflow in Lehigh Trail parking lot ½ mile from the start.

The main aid station will be located at the start and will provide water, electrolyte drink, and possibly PB&J sandwiches, fig newtons and pickles. Runners are also expected to provide “drop bags” with their personal items (food, clothing, batteries, etc.) at this main aid station at the beginning of each loop, located at race start. The second aid station will be water only and will be located approximately 3 miles from the first.  

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